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A simple Snake-like game. The goal is: filling the screen with walls. If you collide with another wall-block, ot with the edge of the screen, the game is over. Between 200 and 250 points, there is "super mode", when you can pass through existing walls. One wall-block is one point.
This game is public domain.


fal+s.prg 3 kB
Main.bas 4 kB

Install instructions

You van download the .prg file. Installation is not required. You can load it to most Commodore Plus/4 emulators. (I tested it in VICE.)


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Keep up the work, but avoid the mediocre VICE emulation. Use YAPE or plus4emu. Anyway, it the very first Plus/4 World's entry for the glorious Menedék Programozó Klub! ;)

Thanks for the comment, we will continue the development. :-) But the VICE is a good emulator for our goals. I don't think, that this does matter. You can use your favorite emulator. ;-)